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Simche Leiner - Mi Mi (Sung in Hebrew with a Yiddish accent)


מי שעשה ניסים לאבותינו וממצרים גאלם

יגאל אותנו וישיב בנים לגבולם


Mi sheAsa nisim laAvoysenu uMiMitzraim geolam

igal osanu veYashiv banim leGvulam


The One who has performed miracles for our forefathers and redeemed them from Egypt

Will redeem us and 

Lupe Fiasco - Much More off the Trials and Tribulations mixtape

Dalina by Dudu Tassa and The Kuwaitis.

Dudu Tassa is an Israeli singer, song-writer and producer. His 2011 album “Dudu Tassa and The Kuwaitis” is based on materials recorded by his grandfather and his grandfather’s brother, Saleh and Daoud al-Kuwaiti who were popular in Kuwait and Iraq in the 1920-1950s.

Lyrics in Arabic:

دَلينا بالهوى قبلك, بالغنا 

زهرة ولا خبر منهم, بلغنا

يا نار الشوق ما تطفي, بالغنا 

تطفي من جلك بتعودك عليا

يا ربي ساعد المغرم وعينا 

أيام الناس تفتح مواعدها 

سر النجوم وحدنا وعينا 

هذا المحوب ظلمني بأذية

بدلالك خلصت روحي ويهلك 

يهم إلي نظر حسنك ويهلك 

إلي بيوم الحجر وقفا ويهلك 

هذولا إلي حرموا سوفك عليا

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Ki Nikham by Ari Goldwag. This is an a capella song, which is the only music religious Jews can listen to during days of mourning in the Jewish calender as instruments are forbidden during those times.

Hebrew: (Isaiah 51:3)
כִּי נִחַם ה’ צִיּוֹן נִחַם כָּל חָרְבֹתֶיה
וַיָּשֶׂם מִדְבָּרָהּ כְּעֵדֶן וְעַרְבָתָהּ כְּגַן ה’
שָׂשׂוֹן וְשִׂמְחָה יִמָּצֵא בָהּ תּוֹדָה וְקוֹל זִמְרָה

For the Lord will comfort Zion,
He will comfort all her waste places;
He will make her wilderness like Eden,
And her desert like the garden of the Lord;
Joy and gladness will be found in it,
Thanksgiving and the voice of melody.

Ki nikham Hashem Tzion, nikham, nikham kol khorvoyseho
vaYosem midboro keEden veArvoso keGan Hashem
Soson veSimkho yimotzey vo toydo veKol zimroh

سوريّة رح تبقى - Syria Will Remain / Door Band

New revolutionary song from a Damascus-based band.

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Chazi, Chazi sung by Yoeli Falkowitz. This is an old Jewish song in Aramaic. This rendition is performed with an Yiddish (Eastern European) pronunciation.

Original (Ancient) Aramaic in Hebrew script:
כד יתבין ישראל ועסקין בשמחת התורה
קודשא בריך הוא אומר לפמליא דיליה
חזו בני חביבי
דמשכחין לצערא דילהון ועסקין בחדוותא דילי

Kad yasvin Yisruayil veOskin beSimchas Toyro
Kidshu Berichi yoymar, oymar lePamalyu diLay
Chazi chazi, chazi chazi, bunay chavivai
deMishkachin liTzaro diLehoyn veYoskin beChedvaso diLi

When the people of Israel sit and busy themselves with the joy of the Torah
The Blessed and Holy One says to His companions
Behold, behold, my beloved children
who forget their sorrow and busy themselves with my joy.

In the series of minimal recordings , another version of Ya Jarata. (Originally by Nazem el Ghazali )

A guitar, a bass, an RS 7000 Drum machine and a brilliant singer - Dany Baladi.


Omar Offendum | #SYRIA (Prod. by Sami Matar) - Excellent track in support of the Syrian Revolution by one of the best independent hip hop artists in the Middle East. 

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” - Archbishop Desmond Tutu

#SYRIA (MP3 Download) — http://soundcloud.com/sami-matar/syria-omar-offendum-sami-matar 

#SYRIA (lyrics+links) — http://offendum.blogspot.com/2012/03/syria.html

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Ari Goldwag - Rochel Mevaka (Rachel Cries)
Based entirely on Jeremiah 31:15, a part of a prophecy proclaimed by Jeremiah after the destruction of the first Temple and the Exile of most Jews from the Land of Israel to Babylon. The prophecy states that the Jewish people, whose exile in now being mourned by Rachel, will some day return to the Land.


כֹּה אָמַר ה’ קוֹל בְּרָמָה נִשְׁמָע נְהִי בְּכִי תַמְרוּרִים רָחֵל מְבַכָּה עַל בָּנֶיהָ


Thus saith the Lord: “A loud voice was heard, lamentation and bitter weeping; Rachel, weeping for her children”


Koy omar Hashem: koyl beRomah nishma
nehi veKi samrurim
Rochel mevaka al boneha

Disclaimer: I’m not religious and don’t believe in prophecy or the Bible, I just enjoy Jewish culture.

A cappella cover of Amr Diab - Wa7ashteny by Alaa Wardi & Mohab.