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THE HYPOCRISY OF HASSAN NASRALLAH. MAY HE BURN IN HELL FOR ETERNITY. Beirut, Lebanon: Feb 7, 2012 - The Sectarian Warlord, Hassan Nasrallh gave a speech yesterday in which he had the disgusting audacity to claim (my abbreviated translation) “In Homs, they say hundreds have died and dozens of building have fallen …. yet when we speak to the people we know in Homs, who are not regime supporters, they tell us that no one has died and that everything is normal, only a few gun battles….”

The video (***VERY GRAPHIC @ SOME POINTS***) then shows the violence inflicted on Homs by Assad’s forces including rocket attacks, they dead, the dying and the injured.

It truly astonished me how long it took us to realize what a farce Nasrallah was. Just another sectarian warlord, bending over to the highest bidder. This was a man who in 2006 could have arguably been the leader of a large portion of the Arab world. He was much more popular at his peak in 2006 than Bashar Al Assad ever was. It was genuine popularity - his forces stood up to the invincible foe, Israel and fought them toe to toe. His army was supposedly incorruptible. He never compromised on his ideals (by Lebanese political standards, meaning his back-stabbing and double-crossing was milder than other sectarian leaders).

Now however … he’s finished. This is the beginning of the end for the bespectacled obese man. He can never step foot in Syria again. For its one thing to stand with Assad. Its another to completely deny that ANY, not ONE single innocent death has occurred in Syria - as he has stated many times and something even the disgusting Assad regime has acknowledged (using the Israeli military playbook and calling the deaths “mistakes” or “collateral damage”). He is also done in Lebanon.

Its only a matter of time before his master falls - and he has burned too many bridges to recover. Lets hope his demise will be quick … and ugly.

If you’re being arrested by men in blacked-out SUVs or vans, you’re being arrested by Hezbollah," according to one Shiite Lebanese resident of southern Beirut who lives near Hezbollah’s "security zone," which houses headquarters buildings and the families of top officials. "Even [military intelligence] guys have to have license plates on their cars and identify themselves. But ‘the resistance’ doesn’t need to bother. No one in Lebanon can touch them for murder of a prime minister — ask the special tribunal — so do you think they worry about traffic tickets, or kidnapping a Syrian? No one would dare question them.

Assad’s Lebanese Invasion, Foreign Policy Magazine, December 22, 2011


TO IRAN AND HEZBULLAH WITH LOVE FROM ALEPPO - Nov 18, 2011: These protesters show their love for Bashar Al Assad’s slaves - Hezbullah and his masters - Iran (gov’t) by burning their flags to the ground.

Protesters in Homs burn the flag of Hizbollah and stomp on Assad’s image while chanting “the people demand the fall of the regime”, July 3.

Is a torturer morally different if he is Israeli or Arab, Jewish or Muslim, Shi’a or Sunni? Is the rotten food that is presently being thrown at our incarcerated men and women, that no hungry dog would touch, suddenly become ambrosia because it is dished out by the “steadfast regime” of Bashar al-Assad, that great fighter of Israel?

Hassan Nasrallah on Syria by Rana Kabbani