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So after Assad’s forces massacre 400 Syrians in one week, what do the Syrians do? Keep on protesting all over the country. This video is from the town of Houran, which is close to Deraa, where most of the killings have happened. Deraa is currently disconnected from water, electricity, cellphones and landlines as tanks and snipers roam the streets. Schools and water tanks have been bombed today and ambulances are prevented from entering the city of transferring the injured to hospitals. The very latest info from Deraa can be found here

Amazing nature video. I recommend you watch it in full-screen mode.

HUGE funeral procession in Daraya today in Syria for the protesters killed there yesterday (on “Good Friday”). The mourners chant: “we will sacrifice our blood and souls for the martyrs” and “God is great”.

Very interesting talk by Professor Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na`im about Sudanese identity post-referendum. Minute 35:20-52:10.

Protesters in Douma (Damascus suburb) tear down a Hafez al-Assad poster today and then chant “the people demand the removal of the regime”. The protests today follow a speech by Assad promising reform and the removal of emergency law.

Videos uploaded to the World Wide Web by members of Izz al-Din al-Qassam, Hamas’ military wing, show the firing of rockets from civilian centers in the Gaza Strip thereby confirming IDF claims.

The videos clearly show Qassam rockets being fired from civilian centers such as mosques and near civilian vehicles.

 Source: Ynet http://bit.ly/fLtXVt

NYT video describing the crackdown on protesters today in Manama

Funny parody (Arabic with English subs). Ben Ali tries to call world leaders as he flees Tunisia. As a Tunisian blogger pointed out on twitter, it’s ironic that the person who spent his 23 years in power repressing the Islamists will spend the rest of his life with the Wahabbis.

Mauritanian activist (and a good friend) Nasser Weddady, along with Sami Ben Gharbia (Tunisian activist) and Wael Abbas (Egyptian activist) discuss the role of social media in the Tunisian uprising.